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28th August 2018 by naffy

Haircare IGK Hydrating Balm review Haircare I have heard a lot about IGK Haircare over the past few months so I was extremely excited to see they made their way to the UK.  As I have mentioned to you all before the water in London has really affected my hair so in a bid to help it, I picked up the IGK Mistress Hydrating Balm and see the difference it could make.

As the name suggests, the IGK Mistress hydrating balm aims to hydrate the hair and give some moisture back to the hair.

The first thing I noticed about it was the scent. It has a coconut, holiday scent to it which I liked and after using it I can confirm the scent lingers which makes me incredibly happy.

Upon further inspection I realised the product was vegan, cruelty free and didn’t seem to contain a lot of nasties, something I was looking into to make sure I do not ruin the condition of my hair even further.

It is a leave in product which means you apply it on damp hair so at the end of my shower I give my hair a quick tumble dry and as it is still damp take a small amount and run the balm through my hair – staying away from the roots of the hair to stop it from going greasy. I then leave it to dry naturally, something which I do anyway so this did not affect my routine.

After using the hydrating balm for a few weeks, I ended up missing one session and realised a complete difference. When I have the balm in my hair, it feels soft and smooth and quite health while when I skipped a session it felt like there was something missing. My hair felt a bit drier than it had been since I began this journey.

This does not always appear to be a transforming, mind-blowing product in the sense the results which you can see with a bang. Rather it is a product which is subtle but works like magic.

Have you tried anything from IGK? This is my first product from the brand and I have to say I am impressed.


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