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How To Style Glasses | Fashion

20th December 2017 by naffy

how to start a blog I’ve been wearing glasses since I could walk – well ok it was probably from around the age of five, but I cannot remember a time without them. A lot of people ask me if I would ever wear contacts and the answer is no, I adore wearing them and found a way to style glasses which I am comfortable and happy with.

Black with a hint of colour always does the trick 

I always get scared my glasses will not suit my outfits so Iuse to opt for just the safe black pair of glasses. More recently however I found adding a bit of colour on the rims or on the insides of the frames really do make a difference.

Don’t be afraid to go big. 

I’ve found big round glasses like the ones I have now actually suit my face a lot more than I realised. I have small eyes and thought this type of frame would be overpowering but after trying a few on, I realised it was the exact opposite. It actually brings them out a lot more and makes me a lot more alert and awake.

Add the eye make up 

Do not think just because you wear glasses, you cannot explore with your eye make up. I often think people will not see the effort which goes in to it but you will be surprised. I have attended weddings where I have dome something different neutral but different with my look and people really do notice. Speaking on make up – do not forget to load on the mascara – it will help to enhance your eyes under the glasses.

Find your sweet spot. 

There are many places to shop for glasses. I personally prefer specsavers as it is somewhere I have visited for as long as I can remember. I know the collections they have and more importantly, it is place I feel safe in taking my time to pick a pair of glasses I am happy and conformable with. There are other retailers out there including online services where you can order a few pairs to try on for 2 weeks and return the ones you are not happy with – just paying for the one or two pairs you have your heart set on.

As I mentioned I really do enjoy wearing glasses and if you are new to the glasses world or just want some tips and tricks to feel more confident in wearing glasses, I hope this helps. Wearing glasses should be embraced and not something to be ashamed or hide from.

Image from K Ford Photography
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