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How to read on a budget | Books

6th September 2019 by naffy

Reading on a budget I won’t lie, I know books can get expensive. Especially if you have a never-ending wishlist. Knowing this can put people off from picking up a book genuinely breaks my heart which is why I want you all to know, there are ways you can pick up a book and not break the bank. If you’re looking to find ways to read on a budget, I have your back.


I have spoken about how libraries have been my safe space for the longest time but they should be your first port of call when you are on a budget and unable to visit a book store. I love the feeling of being surrounded by books. There is something satisfying about going through the shelves choosing what to delve into next. The library enables you to do exactly this and pick a couple of books to read at your own leisure without spending a penny.

Book Swaps

If you have some books, you know you won’t read again and are looking for something new to delve into. Get your bookish friends together and have a book swap. You can make them a monthly or bi-monthly get together so you always have something fresh to read.

Kindle sales

I have recently started embracing my kindle a little more and while it pains me to admit, it is a good way to purchase books on a budget. They have some great stories for 99p and while there are some books I would like to read in a physical form regardless of the price, I have found some gems I would highly recommend. The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary was 99p. I also scooped up Daisy Buchanan’s book How to be a grown-up for 99p. I am currently reading Sorry  I’m late I didn’t want to come by Jessica Pan which is an interesting read and was 99p in a recent sale.

Charity Shops

Charity shops are a great place to visit when you don’t have a particular book in mind. I have come across some books which have been on my list for a while appear in a charity shop for as little as £1. They were not on my immediate to read but they did pique my interest and made my list at some point. I recently found Volume 1 of the Alistair Campbell diaries for £3 where if I purchased this at full price, it would have set me back £11 (A big reason I didn’t pick it up earlier.)

If you love reading, I hope this has helped you find some ways you can pick some gems to read without it having to be a luxury and making a dent in your bank balance.

Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash
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