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19th January 2018 by naffy

Life after graduation When Sunday evening rolls around it is nice to know you made the most out of your weekend. Whether that is working on a side hustle, or spending time with friends and family. Whatever I am doing, I like to be productive and active. If I lie in for too long or stay in bed for the majority of the day I feel like it has gone to waste – if this is you too, I have some tricks you can use to make sure you can have a productive weekend. 

Have a plan

We all know how fast times go – and it seems to go twice as fast on the weekends. Having a plan means you can do everything you want to do without feeling overwhelmed or like you are working against the clock.


Wake up at a decent time 

I am all for a lie in but if you lie in a little too much I find you can become disorientated and often a little more tired than you should be. I set my body clock which means I can wake up naturally on the weekend which I find is half an hour to an hour later than my usually Monday – Friday. It also means you can enjoy the morning having breakfast and getting ready to start your day at a reasonable time.

Step away from the laptop 

This can be tough as a blogger who has a full-time job as the majority of the weekend can be taken up writing blogposts, answering emails and editing pictures or videos but allocating time for this and then stepping away means you can enjoy the present. Be it having a roast with family or having a girlie shopping trip with your friends.

Take part in an activity you don’t do during the week

So for me this is Youtube but it can also be watching a film or a Netflix series I have reserved for the weekend. If you follow me on Instagram you will know I tend to have Friday nights off which I would use to catch up on Riverdale and Dynasty on Netflix. I also recently had a Harry Potter film catch up which I reserved for the weekend as my form of selfcare.

Get ahead for the week 

When you have a busy week full of work and social events, it can be hard to fit everything in and feeling like you are keeping on top of it all. I like to use my Sunday evenings to write to do lists for different days of the week as well as plan out the first few days of the week in my main diary. This way I am less anxious and ready to tackle the week ahead. If you want to see exactly how I do this let me know and I can do a separate post dedicated to it.

All in all weekends are for you and however you decide to spend them I hope it is productive in the best way possible.


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