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How to be an overnight success – or not | Review

25th August 2017 by naffy

Mrs Rodial How to be an overnight success Radial Skincare When I first picked up Maria Hatzistefanis novel “How To Be An Overnight Sucess” I was sceptical. I wasn’t sure this would be a self-help – motivational book I would enjoy, by the time I finished reading it, I was hooked and my respect for Maria or Mrs Rodial as she is known grew immensely.

If you don’t know Maria is the owner of the brands Rodial and Nip and Fab (The skincare line Kylie Jenner has been a face off) so she knows a lot about running a successful business but as you can imagine she focused on the fact that in fact, her achievements was not an overnight success. In fact, it takes time, hard work and a lot of resilient. After reading it within the space of a few days, here are five points I took from the book.

There is no overnight success – just the illusion of overnight success

I mean this goes without saying but the first thing Maria made clear was that the seemingly overnight success she had was not that at all. It took hours of meetings, long nights and a bunch of mistakes before she caught the eye of the press and was able to get her brand out there.

Mistakes are to be made

The key to success comes from making mistakes and learning from them. When you make mistakes, you are taking a risk and with risks come growth.

The way you carry yourself matters

There is a chapter where she talks about her experience in working with Kylie Jenner and in this chapter, she talks about keeping up appearances and how you maintain a look and carry yourself is primitive to your personal brand and in turn, the way people perceive you and your business.

You have to live, breathe and love what you do.

Starting a business is not easy. It is all time consuming which means you need to live, breathe and love what you do. If you don’t, your venture will not be able to become a success. It takes time, dedication and passion. If you don’t love what you do, you cannot dedicate your time to it, the lack of passion will seep through and will ultimately show through and reflect through the success of the venture.

On the other side to this, if you are passionate, dedicate all hours possible to it, you will reap the rewards as Maria and her team has done.

Make the right sacrifices

Something I liked is the fact Maria touched upon the importance of family. She speaks about making sacrifices with certain friends and social parts of your life is part and parcel of running your own business but aside from this, her family was a part of her personal life she always kept in high regard. It really struck a chord with me as it was a subtle yet effective reminder of the power of love and companionship and the meaning behind such powerful emotions.

Along with Maria’s anecdotes, each chapter ends with tick lists and questions to ask yourself so you can put the right steps forward which I am going to be applying to my own projects and career.

If you have yet to read How to be an overnight success and looking for a useful, practical and honest tips on how to create your own business, I would highly recommend it as someone who is still navigating her way through her career, I found it to be enlighting and realistic.

  • Maria | passion fruit, paws and peonies
    27th August 2017 / Reply

    This sounds like a great book. It’s really relatable especially balancing and sometimes sacrificing family time. I’ll give this a read, thanks x

  • Syntich
    27th August 2017 / Reply

    I really liked this post.

  • M
    27th August 2017 / Reply

    I’m struggling with business patients right now! It’s so hard to see the people who’ve already had success and not get discouraged

  • Ching
    28th August 2017 / Reply

    Earvin “Magic” Johnson came to speak at work about a month or so ago. I am trying to find time to write my blog about it :) He also spoke about the importance of knowing your person brand because how people perceive you was so important in achieving success. Thank you for your post!