Have your say: Why voting matters

25th November 2019 by naffy

Voting I remember when I turned 18 and was able to register to vote. It literally sent an electric shock through me. I could not wait for the May election in 2010 to come around so I could make the trip to the polling stations with my parents.  I know this isn’t the case for everyone and that is ok but it is important to have your say. Voting matters.

Voting matters because we all have an opinion on something. From the NHS and Education to Business and the Environment, we all have a view on the state of the world. We all have an idea of the changes we would like the government to make. We want to be heard, we want our views to be listened too by those who have the power to make those changes otherwise that passion, those ideas will fall into the ether, your vision will be lost.

But voting won’t change this I hear you say. WRONG. Voting and understanding who you want to vote for will make the world of difference especially during the uncertain times we currently live in. Casting your vote for a political party whose views align with yours, means you are a small step closer to living in a world you want to live in. You are paving the way for a future you are happy with. That is powerful and that is the power of being a voter.

What if you want to vote but unsure of who to vote for? I hear ya. I won’t tell you who to vote for. (That isn’t my place)  Without registering to vote you can’t cast your vote. You have time between registering to vote (Deadline is tomorrow) and election day. After registering to vote to do your research, read the party manifesto’s, have conversations with friends and family and put the cross against the MP and party that YOU want too.

Voting is your right, you have a voice, use it.

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