Happy New Year

1st January 2019 by naffy

London life I have been trying to write this post for a few days now and didn’t know how but ultimately, I would like to take a moment to say Happy New year.  Thank you to you all for reading the words I write on this website. It means the world to me and I cannot wait to show you what we have in store.

This year has been…challenging. I have gotten back on my feet in terms of my career, met some wonderful people and felt empowered.

2018 was also the year I felt lost. It was a time I got good at being lonely. I felt weak when I thought I couldn’t handle certain pressures. There were moments when I felt people close to me didn’t For most of 2018, I felt some of the closest people to me have thought I was stupid and not cleaver enough.

The point is, years are like rollercoasters, they have great highs but also some great lows. It is how we respond to these highs and lows which make a difference.

Over the past couple of years,  new years and goal setting has given me a new lease of hope and a new lease of life which I needed at the time.  I know some of us do not always pay attention to new years goals and planning and I do believe, it is true you do not need a new year to make changes to your life.  My philosophy is, if it helps you refocus, recharge and re-align your goals with the person you are at this moment in time, there is nothing wrong with that.

You hold the cards to your life and you can choose the date you want to reshuffle them.

Happy New Year, may the cards be forever in your favour.

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