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10th January 2019 by naffy

mistakes i made in my twenties Copy of Exploring London-3 mistakes i made in my twenties If you follow me on my social channels, you will know my diet is 90% plant based and 100% meat free and has been for over a year now. January has become the time most people think about reducing their meat intake or cutting it out completely and taking  part in Veganuary so I thought I would share some things I learnt during my transition into a more plant based lifestyle.

You Eat More 

I eat more on a plant – based diet than I did when I ate meat. Eating plant based needs you have to eat twice as much as you would normally to make sure you get the right amount of calories your body needs.

You Do Not Necessarily Loose Weight 

Most people believe living on a plant baed diet means you loose weight but that isn’t always true. You become more conscious about what you are putting in your body so may eat less processed food but also plant based food can be just as processed depending on what you want to eat. Every body is different so do not do this for the sake of loosing a stone. Do it because it helps your overall health and how it makes you feel on the inside. Trust me,

You find a new love for cooking 

I am lucky I am Indian. I won’t lie, it made going plant based rather easy. There are many vegetable curries you can make. There are also new ingredients like Tempeh, Ackee and Jackfruit which are relatively cheap and can be made in sandwiches, brunches and salads.

You feel lighter in life

I have heard this is true for a lot of people who go plant based and while I cannot speak for all of them, I know for me personally, there was a lightness which I felt the moment I made the decision to eat plant based. Not just in my stomach but in general.

People are accommodating

My housemates are amazing. If we have a pre planned house meal together, they will make sure there is a vegan option for me available. If you eat out – restaurants are more than happy to give you the vegan menu to choose from or if they do not have a separate menu, they will highlight the vegan options anf will be happy to swap out an egg for mushrooms or take the cheese off the dish. You just need to ask. The first couple of times it may seem odd to ask these questions but after a couple of times you will be happily asking waiters everything you need too about a dish to make sure it is plant based.

All in all, the main thing is to remember you are not alone. There are many resources online from recipes to people sharing their experience ready for you to soak up. Speak to your friends and other people in your life about it too. In my experience they are more understanding and accommodating than you may think.



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