Gossip Girl is back!

12th November 2012 by naffy

I haven’t done a TV post in a while so I thought I would now. Gossip Girl recently came back to ITV 2   for it’s final ever season (que endless sobbing) I love the show and cannot actually believe how long it has been around for.

I generally love how the show takes it to another level season after season. I know a lot of people think that the storylines get replied but I personally think even if aspects of it does, the majority of it is intensified. I am still hooked on the love story between Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf.

I also recently want a happy ending for Nate. Not just because he is incredibly attractive but because out of all them he has the biggest heart and always want the best for people. He always backs his friends up and is loyal to his girlfriends. He has had a lot of bad luck though so it would be amazing to see him ending the show happy ever after.

This season sees Dan Humphrey being well…a bit of a idiot (I could use a worse word but hey, it is a TV show not a actual person) I could not imagine someone in the real world would treat his friends the way he has but hey what are you going to do? It will be interesting to see if he changes back to the loveable Brooklyn boy we knew and loved in the previous seasons. I did like him and Blair together but I think her going back to Chuck broke him and made me the cold hearted person we see him to be.

I don’t want to spoil to much but let’s just say, there is a lot more of Georgina in this series which I really do not like aha! I love the actress who plays her but I am not a fan of the character in general.

Serena’s storyline sees the introduction of a new character in the form of Constance’s new queen Bee. (If you can remember all the way back to the first few seasons Constance is the high school they all went too) This brings a lot of twists and I am really looking forward to see how it plays out.

Of course, that is not the only thing I love about the show, the location and fashion in it is worth watching on it’s own. The show is primarily set on the upper east side of New York which is an incredible place. I am very much a city girl so this is an incredible for me. I love the scenery from Central Park and locations such as Columbia University. (Geek alert there sorry!)

As for the fashion – that deserves it’s own post which I will post this week.

What do you think about Gossip Girl? are you a fan? comment below and let me know.

Lots of love.

  • 12th November 2012 / Reply

    I absolutely love Gossip Girl, can't believe it's the last series! I've been watching ahead online so I've probably got through about half of it already… Very interested in how they're going to round it all off at the end! xxx

  • 12th November 2012 / Reply

    Me too, it is soo good so far :) I thought I would get bored of it but I 'm really not aha xo