Girls Aloud are back!

19th October 2012 by naffy

Girls Aloud – The Promise

Now unless you have been living under a rock you would not have failed to noticed that this year marks 10 years for the girl band Girls Aloud. I have quite a varied music taste and really enjoyed listening to the catchy tunes of ‘Sound of the Underground’ ‘Jump’ ‘Love Machine’ and my favorite song by the ‘The Promise’ so I was a bit disappointed when they decided to take a break.

They have definitely made it up to us all though by going all out for their 10 year Anniversary within the music industry. Today across social media was known as Girl Aloud Friday as the band had informed us all there would be a big announcement being made. The day started off with the news that Girls Aloud are officially the biggest British band of the 21st century (which deserves a huge congratulations in itself)

Then at around midday, the general public was treated to something quite different  I am pretty sure it is the first time this has happened but I could be wrong so don’t quote me on that. They gave a live press conference which could be seen all across the world via YouTube. I watched it while I was having my lunch and I think the girls did really well. It isn’t as easy as it looks answering questions on the spot. They even answered fans questions via video links.

Along with this came the news of a new single for children in need, a live tour and a collaboration with the jewellery company Pandora. All of which I am very excited for. They also debuted the new video for their song ‘Something new’

All in all, I am really excited for Girls Aloud to be back together and on our TV screens.

Lots of Love

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