Picking yourself up

Four ways to pick yourself up

19th November 2019 by naffy

Picking yourself up You know those moments in life when you feel..blank. Like you are not sure where you are going, sort of like you are floating without really feeling much. It can feel like the world is moving past you while you are standing and you want to desperately snap out of it? This past year has included those moments for me. I learned I had to allow myself to feel this but I also realised I am the only one who can help me snap out of it. You have to pick yourself up, no one else was going to do that for me.

Keep a routine

Part of being stagnant for me made me feel like I was unproductive. Almost similar to the feeling you get when you are burning out. The way to get around this is to keep a routine. Wake up at a regular time, make sure you eat three meals a day and have some form of structure to your day. Wake up and make a to do list if you need too.

Forgive yourself

We live in a world that makes us feel like we have to be on 24/7. The truth is, that is humanly impossible. I love how busy London life can be and there are times when I thrive on it but there is beauty in slowing down. You don’t need to be constantly working or constantly thinking. Part of this feeling is overworking yourself so take some time for yourself and stop thinking to do something. There have been moments where I definitely could have been writing a blog post such as this but my mind wasn’t in it. It is important to forgive yourself, remind yourself it is ok and do the thing your mind or body is craving. Tomorrow is a fresh day.

Do something every day

I have spoken about routine but when you feel like this it can be overwhelming to do this. Over the past few months, I had to remind myself of the small things I managed to do that day. Pick one thing you want to want to get done that day. This can be anything from cleaning your room to going to see a friend to finish a task at work. This stops you from feeling unproductive on a regular basis and can give you a feeling of accomplishment.


This to me was key. When I felt like this I would move around. Switch rooms if I was writing or go for a walk to the supermarket even if I just needed one thing. The key is, in those moments be present. Going to do an errand take it all in. Allow it to make you feel something. Clear your head.

While the above is not a cure or an instant fix, what I found is that by doing them I still feel like myself and it stops me from spiraling into a deep dark cloud.

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