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20th May 2021 by naffy

Podcasts to listen to You know when you listen to a podcast and think wow, everyone should listen to this? That is exactly what has happened when I came across these four podcasts.  Each one is insightful, well-articulated and just a wonderful enlightening listen.

Dan Shephard’s interview with Prince Harry

Now, I know this has made headlines, not all of them pleasant but I honestly urge you all to listen to this episode and make up your own mind about the episode. I have a feeling you will be pleasantly surprised.

The episode touched on generational trauma, going to therapy, the strength and resilience it takes to get help and work on dealing with your issues. Harry does slightly touch on the tabloid press. Throughout the episode I was really impressed with how calm, collected, self-assured and articulate Harry was. I know he is a public speaker but having heard him speak countless times, this particular tone hit differently to me. As someone who has gone to therapy herself and studies psychology, you can see the work Harry has done on himself and how at peace he fills with himself and his actions.

Dax and Monica were as usual their wonderful intuitive, engaging hosts allowing Harry to get his point across and providing him a safe space to share his story.

The episode although touches on his life is to highlights the importance of talking about your mental health contrary to popular belief, while it of course touches on royal life, it doesn’t focus on particular members of the Royal Family.

Listen to the episode here.

Happy Place with Billie Piper

I am a huge fan of Billie Piper not only as an actress but also as a person and woman too. This interview she did with the wonderful Fearne Cotton for her podcast, Happy Place is the perfect example of why. It is full of authenticity, self-awareness, honesty and a rawness that I feel comes when you reach a certain level of contentment in your life.

During the episode, Billie talks about being in the spotlight from a young age. The impact her marriage with Chris Evans had on her (which was quite lovely and shows how the tabloid press can distort someone’s reality), Her music career, and her time at the Sylvia Young performing arts school. She also talks about being a mother and the impact your childhood can have on how you bring up your own children and raise your own family.

Billie owns her power during this conversation and there is something very refreshing about a woman controlling her own narrative and truth which really comes out in this episode.

Listen to this episode here.

Podcasts to listen to The Diary of a CEO with Jim Chapman

You have heard me mention this podcast before because it is that dang good but I wanted to highlight this particular episode with Jim Chapman. I have followed Jim’s career for a very long time now and this is the most candid, honest, and authentic I have seen him in an interview. He touches on topics he hasn’t really spoken about in interviews before for example his past relationship, his father, and the progression of his career. He noted the importance of learning new skills, the impact of the fear of failure, and how to handle social media. Ad advocate for talking about mental health, he opens up about his personal experiences and the value of therapy and checking in with friends.

Steven is a brilliant host with a knack for getting people to open up and this episode was no different.

Listen to the episode here.

Saturn Returns with Caggie Dunlop and Niomi Smart

For the uninitiated, Saturn Return is essentially a quarter-life crisis that takes place during your late twenties and early thirties. Having experienced this herself Caggie wanted to explore how others navigated this time on her podcast, Saturn Returns.

This particular podcast episode with Niomi Smart was incredibly intriguing. She recently went through a big breakup with her fiance and I have been in awe of the level of resilience, growth and self-awareness she has been able to muster following the heartbreak.

The show starts with clips from a previous conversation she had with Caggie for the podcast before her break up. (The show was never aired so the clips have not been heard until now) You hear Niomi talk about her life and how she feels she may have missed her Saturn Return. Cue to now and the conversation turns to how she dealt with the breakup and how she embraced her Saturn return.

Niomi talks about the impact of journalling and how she would write for hours at a time to help her feel her way through this new phase in her life. Something else important she shared was the importance of going through the pain and dealing with it. She talked about how with previous breakups she would be a bit more logical and sort of move forward from the situation rather than allowing herself to feel the pain. This time around she listened to her body, her mind, her soul and gave it what it craved. It is the perfect depiction of what it means to means to be resilient, strong, and own your power.

Listen to the episode here. 

I love listening to podcasts that teach me more about the human experience. Each one of the above demonstrated this and more.

What have you been listening to? Let me know!

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