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Five YouTubers to subscribe to now | Life

20th October 2017 by naffy

Grace Victory Gleam Features I won’t lie, I watch a lot of YouTube. When I am writing a blogpost, eating, getting ready and even editing and I recently realised I don’t shout about some of my favourite content creators enough so I thought I would share with you five YouTubers to add to your subscription feed.

Rach Loves 

I have been watching Rachels videos for a good few years now – since before she had her first child. A fellow Canadian I was immediately drawn to her. Apart from the fact she has an infectious personality, she does a fun twist on makeup tutorials. Fun fact – I actually do not like watching simple makeup tutorials but I love good first impressions and testing tutorials which Rachel is the queen off.

A little Obsessed

Sabrina from A little obsessed is a girl who I know if I met we would be IRL friends. I love how beautifully honest she is about everything. She isn’t afraid to tell you if something sucks and likewise, she raves about the things she loves. There is a bold realness to her videos which I love.


Steph is my girl and is the queen of testing videos. If there is a makeup brand you want to see in action, chances are you will find it on her channel. She comes up with the most incredible looks and never fails to look flawless.

Hello October

There is a running theme in the people I follow and that is the personality of the person and that is why I love Suzie. She is someone who is incredibly genuine – a good example is in her vlogs – she shows the good and the not so good. The vlogs are not overly produced which again is great to see. I also really like her style and beauty recommendations as I find we have a similar style and taste.

Grace Victory

As a Woman but in particular a woman of colour on Youtube and in the world of blogging, I am incredibly proud of Grace and everything she has achieved despite the fact she has experienced a lot of hardships in her life. It is no secret I have struggled with my own demons and one of the content creators who helped me realise recovery and dealing with whatever life can throw at you is possible and each and every single one of us has got this.

Katie Snooks 

I know the title says five but I needed to include Katie Snooks. She is lively, completely honest and quirky. I really enjoy watching her vlogs. She doesn’t live too far from her too which means I often pick up some great places to visit nearby.

Long before I started Youtube – I would watch it and it would instantly cheer me up. Even now it gives me an incredible amount of happiness – especially on a rough day. If you love the beauty, fashion and lifestyle side of youtube I hope watching the lovely girls above will give you as much happiness as it gives me.


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