How to tackle stress

Five Ways to Tackle Stress

4th November 2019 by naffy

How to tackle stress Stress can come in many forms. It some cases, a little bit of stress can be good for us and feeling stressed is part of being human. But what happens when that stress becomes too much to handle? What happens when stress goes from being something we can use to help us thrive to becoming something which hinders us? 

One small step at a time 

A lot of the time when you are stressed it comes from feeling overwhelmed. When this happens one of the best things you can do is streamline your to-do list. If you have a big task looming break the task down into smaller tasks. For example, if you are working on a presentation and you’re stressed because you are unsure of where to start, create subtasks such as conducting research, pick key points, create the presentation. It will help you plough through the work you need to do while also feeling productive. 

Talk it through 

When you feel stressed the best thing you can do is talk it through with someone. By this, I mean someone you trust who will listen and offer advice when you need it. I wholeheartedly rely on my dad for this. He is a very logical human and also will always have my best interest at heart. I know he is someone I can trust to tell me like it is which is what I need especially in moments of feeling stressed. (Sometimes you need someone to give you a kick up the bum) 

Take a breather 

You will be amazed at the power of going for a walk, taking a break, just stepping outside of the stressful situation you find yourself in will make. At work, I have one rule: always take your lunch break. I don’t care when but take it.  Your brain needs it. If it is a personal situation at home, go see a friend, go for a walk, step out to do some grocery shopping. When you come back to face a stressful situation, the breather will allow you to have a perspective removed from the haze and fog of overthinking. 


A lot of the time when we are stressed we tend to forget to eat or we put off eating until we resolve the matter. Of course I understand why we do this. As someone who is guilty of this, I can tell you now you need to look at the bigger picture and understand grabbing something to eat will make you less irritable and allow you the focus you need. Even if you take just 15 minutes to eat something, it will make the biggest difference. You will feel more rational and the chances of you chomping off someone’s head in an irritated rage are considerably reduced. 

Schedule regular you time in your week 

We often feel stressed when we take on a lot. If you feel like you have a lot going on and a busy week is looming and it is stressing you out. Find pockets of time you can schedule for yourself. In the same way you would schedule a meeting, schedule half half an hour to read, do your skincare routine, watch your favourite show, whatever it is you do for self-care put it in your diary in the same way you would a dentist appointment.

Stress is part of the human experience. We all feel it, the key is to not let it consume you.

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash


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