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Five Ways to save money in London

18th March 2019 by naffy

4 It is no secret that London is an expensive place to live in. Aside from the high rent prices, the feeling you need to keep up with those around you and have this action-packed social packed is everywhere. While yes, London is a beautiful place to live, the opportunities it can present is phenomenal, you always find yourself looking to save £5- £10 here and there. After living in the city for a while, here are five ways to save money in London.

Find Free Events

As I said London is full of great opportunities using websites like Meet up and Eventbrite you can find events based around your interests and see which ones are free. All you have to do is register to get your ticket or place. If like me, you enjoy talks and panels, some of these can be found for under £10 if not free.

Be shopping savvy

London is the home of the best vintage and charity shops. Looking for a new top? chances are you can pick one up from a local charity shop for around £4. If you are a book lover and looking for your next holiday reads, most books in charity shops are priced at just £0.50p.

Connect your oyster card to your railcard to get off-peak discounts

At the start of the year, I connected my rail card to my oyster card which means I can travel offpeak at a discount. I worked out if I headed home off-peak from work every day for a week I would save £10 a week. It may sound silly but it is essentially, £40 a month not to mention traveling on the weekend. 1/3 of your travel doesn’t sound like much but it amounts to a lot.

Check the reduced isle for food

One of the first places I go too when I go grocery shopping is the reduced section to see what they have. I can often pick up some mushroom and salad from the fresh reduced section. I’ve also picked up items from the bakery section like crumpets. What you find will depend on the supermarket you go too but I have also found good potatoes and hummus on occasion.

Mindful going out

Saving money doesn’t mean you cannot have fun and be social. I know first hand how not seeing your friends or spending time outside can impact your mental health. Instead of cutting them out completely, just be mindful your time. For instance, maybe do things closer to work to save on travel or go out 2-3 days a week rather than 4-6. If you are going for a meal, ask for tap water rather than bottled water. I don’t drink, but if you do, cap the number of drinks you have from 5 down to 3 or 2.

Going to the cinema makes me happy so I invested in the Cineworld unlimited card and I have to say, it really perked me up. Before getting the card, I would have had to be really careful with the films I went to see. So if a friend wanted to see a film due to the ticket prices, my instinct would be to say no and ultimately miss out, even if I was slightly intrigued by the film. I also like going to the cinema on my own and having the unlimited card gives me the autonomy to do this. There is obviously a monthly payment so this isn’t free but even by going three times a month it saves you money. You also get discounts for treats and local restaurants.

All in all, how you spend your money is 100% down to you but if you’re looking to make your money stretch a bit further than payday, this may help.


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