Five Vlogmas series you need to watch

9th December 2016 by naffy

Vlogmas Youtube Youtube video to watch December is officially in full swing and if you are in you watching Youtube videos, you will know this will mean one thing. VLOGMAS! If you do not know Vlogmas is where content creators film their day everyday for the whole month. I have been obsessed with watching some of my favourites vlogmas which I thought I would share Five Vlogmas series you need to watch.

Lydia Elise Millen

I have been watching Lydia’s video for a long time now but there is something comforting and adorable about her vlogs. I love watching genuine real honest people on youtube and I feel Lydia encapsulates that perfectly. If you want to see a accurate account of a content creator, Lydia’s blog are for you.

Em Shel

I have been reading Em Blogs for years so I was very excited to see she was doing vlogmas this year. Ems Vlogs are full of travelling, christmas festivities as well as hard work and graft. I’ve seen Em in real life and she is exactly how she appears in her videos.


When you need a laugh and a smile at the end of the day Corrie, is the girl for you. There is plenty to love and smile about when you watch one of her videos. She also share plenty of blogger tips which I love.

A Little Obsessed UK

Sabrina’s videos are some of the most raw genuine beauty videos I come across which is why I love them. Her daily vlogs are there same, there are no gimmicks just straight up Sabrina.

Melanie Murphy

You all know I am a little bit of a fan girl when it comes to Melanie, I love what she stands for. She is doing vlogmas slightly differently this year, instead of filming her day, each day she shares something she is grateful for. As someone who lives for positive vibes, I am all about this. My personal favourite is where she shares her love for tea and toast, I mean talk about a girl after my own heart.

If the above does not fulfil your vlogmas needs, I am uploading weekly vlogmas videos on my channel. You can catch week one here if you are interested.

Whether you are new to the world of Youtube or just wanted some new people to watch I hope this helped you find a new vlogmas series to delve in too.


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