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Five Tools Every Creative Needs | Lifestyle

19th February 2019 by naffy

staying informed I am always on the lookout for apps and tools to help me more efficient and allow me to create all the things. Over the past couple of years, I have come across a few tools which seem simple but honestly make all the difference to me and the way I work.


This isn’t new but every creative person should carry a form of a notebook on them at all times. You never know when an idea will strike and you will need to write something down. Even if you do not do anything about it at the time writing it down means you can go back to it and flush it out when you’re in the right mindset.

Google Docs

Having Google Docs on my phone has been a lifesaver. It means I do not need a laptop with me if I want to work on something on the go. As long as I have a wifi connection I can access the documents I need. I type faster and more impulsively on the phone which makes things a lot more efficient. It is also great if you work in teams and happen to be out and about if you need to access something instantly, you have it at the palm of your hand.

Google Photo’s 

If you have an iPhone you will know the struggle of constantly running out of storage. Someone told me about Google Photos and it has changed the game. Basically, it saves all your images to your Google account allowing you to delete them from your phone. All you have to do is download them again when you need them. I often have lots of family pictures which I adore and do not want to delete but do not need to keep saved in my photos so this is perfect for that.


I like taking the time to design my own bits and pieces and Canva is the best way to do this. I love playing around designing Instagram stories and other bits and pieces I need. I mainly use it online but also have it on my phone in case I want to create something fun for Instagram stories.


Now hear me out. Every creative person needs some inspiration in their life and for me, this comes in the form of podcasts and music. I recently got into using Spotify and it has really transformed my life. I have tried using other apps before to listen to podcasts etc but in all honesty, nothing has compared to this.

None of the above is completely groundbreaking but each has been instrumental in being creative and efficient.


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