January Sales

Five Tips for hitting the January Sales

15th January 2017 by naffy

January Sales January is one of my favourite times of the year for many reasons. One of them being the January Sales. I love a good bargain and when you look deep enough you can get some real gems. I’ve developed Five Tips for Hitting the January Sales and thought I would share my tips and tricks.

Make a list before the Sale 

When shopping online it can become very easy to get sucked in to hours of online browsing and during the sales this could mean the site will crash or by the time you check out, the size you want that jumper in will out of stock. The way to get around this is to browse the site before hand. Sites like ASOS allow you to save the pieces you have your eyes on making it easier when the sales start, you can see which items you love are on sale and instantly put them in your shopping cart.

Wait until the end of the month 

As the month goes on the sales get better and better so if you are looking to buy something which is on the pricey side, especially electrical or technology goods, it may be worth waiting until the end of the month. you could find it will be further reduced so you save even more than you originally expected.

Have a clear out 

I knew I was hoping to pick up some pieces from the sales so I had a big clear out of my closet. This means it was easy for me to see what I needed and what I should invest in. it also stopped me from getting overwhelmed as I knew which sections I needed to shop in and stayed clear of anything outside of that.

Set a budget 

I am not rich and while the sales are a good way to grab a bargain, you can still end up spending more than expected. Remember if you get paid on a month to month basis, you need to make sure you have the funds to last throughout the month. No amount of clothes or homeware is worth going bankrupt over. Setting a budget will keep your spending in check and make sure you do not buy anything which is not necessary.

I used all of these tips and tricks when I make some purchases during the months sales. If you want to see the pieces I picked up from the sales you can find them all in this weeks video.


And there you have it, those are my five tips for hitting the January sales. How do you tackle the sales? Do you have any tips up your sleeve?

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