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Five Things to watch on Netflix this December

2nd December 2016 by naffy

What to watch on Netflix Winter generally means evenings by the fire, a cup of tea and more often than not Netflix. It has been a while since I have shared anything TV related with you so I thought it was about time to give you five things to watch on Netflix this December.

Gilmore Girls

To say I have been waiting for this for over year is the understatement of the year. I have been counting down the days until the 25th November. I have already finished watching all 4 movie feature length episodes. I stayed up till all hours in the night to watch it and as soon I finished I wanted to tweet and text everyone who had watched it so I could scream with them.

The Crown 

This is one for the history lovers. The Crown stars Matt Smith and shares the struggles Queen Elizabeth II through the beginning of her reign and how it shaped the 20th century. I love history from the clothes to the lives of the monarchy so I am excited to watch this.

Gone Girl

I mean I must be the only person who has yet to see this film so I was very excited to see this has made it’s way to Netflix this month.

Maze Runner

Yes, et us just add this to list of films I missed out. I am actually a very big film buff and like to take the time to watch films rather than watch them in a background. Which is great but it means when I get busy movies slip through the net. This is one I wish I got to see in the cinema and I am very excited to make time to watch this, this month.

The Vampires Diaries 

Season 7 is officially here and on Netflix ready for us to watch and I cannot wait. I am actually a couple of seasons behind so this seems like the perfect time to catch up.

Phew, that is a lot of TV to watch but I do have 2 weeks during Christmas to make my way through them.

Have you taken a look around Netflix recently? Let me know what is on your list to watch this month.

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