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Five things to do indoors this weekend | Lifestyle

26th July 2019 by naffy

Staying Indoors  If you’re anything like me in the UK right now, you will be recovering from the hottest day we have had so far and would quite like to move to the Antartic. Unfortunately, we don’t have that privilege, but there are things to do indoors to keep us cool in this scorching summer.


It’s no secret I love a good film and cinemas happen to be one of the only places in the UK which happen to have air conditioning. Fate? I think so. There are many deals you can grab to save money. I know the Vue in Stratford sells tickets for £6:99 each which is cheap. If you like going to the cinema regularly, the Cineworld unlimited card is a great investment.

Games Day

Have an indoor games day. You can use free apps on your phone, crank out old board games, the opportunities are endless. When my cousins and I get together we play games which really don’t require much just your brain and occasionally a pack of cards. If you’re into video games you can set up a competition with your friends or play video games which allow for multiple players to play at once. Use your imagination and see where it takes too.

Grocery Shopping

I never thought I would be the type of person who enjoys a good old grocery shopping trip but here I am telling you I am indeed that person. Supermarkets need to be cool so the food doesn’t go to waste. Most of the big supermarkets now have cafes, a clothing section and more which means you can easily spend a few hours there.

Picnic Dinner – Indoors

I love picnics, the food, the people, all of it. If you find it too hot but want to still have a picnic. Do what you do normally but change the location to somewhere indoors. Make a cute setting in your front room for you and your friends and have a good indoor picnic catch up.


This is an expensive option but a good one if you’re in a big book. If you are looking for something to do which is active and slightly competitive but lighthearted and fun bowling is definitely something you should do. I don’t feel like we spend enough time bowling. It used to be something we did a lot more than we do now so why use the extra warm weather to do just that?

What are you planning to do this weekend?

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