Five things to declutter in 2019

4th January 2019 by naffy

Decluttering Decluttering Decluttering To me, 2019 is really the year to declutter. From wardrobes to our minds. Here are five things to declutter in 2019.

Your Digital Space

Start the new year by going through your social media feeds and check who you are following but also cleaning your email inbox and going through your documents making sure they are deleted or moving them to your hard drive if you do not need them on your laptop anymore.

Your Make Up Collection

Go through the make up you have, make sure everything is in date and you are using everything in your collection. If there is something you no longer use give it to a family member or pass it on to charity.

Your Wardrobe

This is a natural part of your life declutter and the one that most people go too. I am becoming more and more interested in the effects of fast fashion and being more conscious about what we have in our wardrobes and how we shop is a great way to start the year. Make it fun, have a wardrobe clear out. Once your done, get your friends around a night in and let them have a root around incase they want anything. Any items left over can go to charity.

Your Bedside Table

My bedside table is often the drawer I end up stashing junk in so taking the time to clear it out will not only make some space in the drawer but helps you feel better mentally.

Your Pantry

I adore pantries. They are one of my favourite nuggets of a home. They can also be the one room which can become an hoarders dream, especially if you bulk buy things. It can get messy really quickly. Take some time to sift through what you have in there and if they are things you are actually going to use. Items you generally store in a pantry lasts for years but if you have anything you feel you will not use up and are planning to dispose off, take them to a supermarket, they often have crates of donated goods people can add too or take it to a homeless shelter.

Have you started decluttering your way in to 2019? Let me know the first place you started.

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