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29th November 2017 by naffy

Untitled design-103 Nafisah Atcha When I started out blogging I never imagined it would become a big part of my life. Looking back there are definitely five things I wish I knew about blogging.

It takes a lot of time 

There is a lot of work that goes into writing a blog, from the writing, editing and promoting the posts across social channels, you also have to learn how the back end of a website works and basic SEO.

Photography will become the second love 

When I first started blogging, I never imagined I would have a love for photography but it has honestly become a second passion project of mine. I have a deep appreciation for lovely photography from others as well as taking more care in my own pictures, investing in props, thinking of locations. Sometimes it takes me 10 minutes other times it can take me hours to grab the perfect shot but it is worth every single minute.

It is Therapeutic 

I tend to write most of blogposts on the weekend. There is something very soothing and therapeutic about settling down with a cup of tea putting pen to paper so to speak. I love sharing my thoughts with you all and seeing something I create coming together is extremely satisfying.

There will be sleepless nights and a lot of unpredictability

I work fulltime – mixing this with blogging 6days a week can be quite a lot. There are some weeks where I have to attend blogging events in the events coming home past 10pm, having to write a few things down so as not to fall behind. If you are someone like me who likes a little bit of a routine, this takes some getting use too. A lot of these things crop up unexpectedly making it hard to plan ahead but I love it and find it extremely interesting.

Technology fails will become the bain of your life 

Filming a video and the memory suddenly becomes full. Taking some pictures when the battery dies and you have to wait hours for it to charge because your backup still needs to be charged or when buffer fails to send your scheduled tweet. Name a technology fail and chances are I would have experienced it. At the time it is incredibly infuriating as everything seems to happen at once.

Do you blog? Are you thinking of starting a blog? What lessons do you wish you knew about blogging?

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