Five Things I am loving

26th March 2017 by naffy

Blogosphere It has been a while since I sat down and talked to you about some of my favourite things so I thought I would sit down share with you Five Things I am loving right now. 

Empowering Magazines

This month I picked up two magazines which left me feeling empowered and enegerised as a woman. The latest issue of Blogosphere Magazine landed on my doorstep and it featured the lovely Dino Tokio on the cover. Not only did the magazine have a muslim blogger on it’s cover. The interview they did with her and others did not shy away from any topics, from tips and tricks of the blogging world to discussing the political climate as it stands at the moment.

Another magazine which left me feeling empowered was this months Glamour Magazine. I haven’t picked up a womans magazine such as this in a while but Glamour Magazine recently had a redesign so I thought I would pick up a copy. I was pleasantly surprised at the high level of content in such a beautiful magazine. There were articles surrounding every topic from feminism, women in the work place to beautiful beauty and fashion editorials. They all messed well and is a perfect example of how women can paint their nails while watching question time.

All The Bright Places

If you have read the March Bookshelf post, you will know I have been attempting to read through quite a few books this month. The first one was the All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. I talk about the details here but this book gave me all the feels. I literally read this on the bus and had tears down my face from the emotion behind this fictional yet very real story.

Melanin Millennials

I love discovering new blogposts and the latest one I have fallen in love with is Melanin Millennials which is hosted by the lovely duo Imrie and Satia. I was lucky enough to watch a life recording of the podcast and fell in love with how real the girls are. They talk about all things female, politics, real life hustles and what it is like to be an ethnic minority within the UK.

Conscious Chocolate

I mentioned this in my March Favourites Video but I felt like Conscious Chocolate deserved a second mention. It is the most delicious creamiest dairy free chocolate I have come across.

Hidden Figures 

This month, I finally got around to watching Hidden Figures. I knew it would be a story I fell in love with however what I was not prepared for was how much the film resonated with me in the todays world. My heart ached for each of the women who were struggling to make their voices herd and cheered in the end as they fought against the odds to live the life they envisaged.

That is a round up of Five Things I am loving. If you are interested in the beauty and fashion favourites be sure to check out my March Favourites video where I go through them in detail.

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