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Five Sunglasses for Glasses wearers | Fashion

18th July 2018 by naffy

Sunglasses review London in the sun Sunglasses review As someone who has spent the majority of her life wearing glasses, I spent a good chunk of that time thinking sunglasses are not for me. That was until I came across this pair from Specsavers. I have since found a new love for sunglasses and wanted to spread to love. Here are five sunglasses for glasses wearers.

Crete Sun RX | £89 

I absolutely adore this design. It is classic but has a modern twist to it which I love. It is something which can really pull together an outfit and look sophisticated regardless of if you are sunbathing in the Maldives or walking down Oxford Street on your Lunch break.

Roxy Sun RX 15 | £125 

I am having a real black and gold  moment which is why I think this pair of Roxy sunglasses spoke out to me. I especially like the shade of lenses as I haven’t seen a pair of sunglasses which I like in this lens.

Balmain BK1528S Sun RX | £169 

I have to admit I gave a little squeak when I found out Balmain were releasing a glasses range with Specsavers and they didn’t disappoint. I like the addition of the pattern in this pair as it adds a little bit of something to the mix.

Rayban RB2448N | £316 

Who knew Rayban did prescription sunglasses? I didn’t until last year when I tried a pair on in Selfridges, fell in love with them and proceeded to peak around their website. They also do regular glasses FYI. I love the minimalist look of this pair. The arms are on the thin side which make them perfect if you have a round or small face as it doesn’t overpower them too much.

Rayban RB4273 | £316 

I may have mentioned it just a little bit but I have a little bit of a fixation on Black and Gold. The combination to me oozes sophistication and can make something appear more luxury than it actually is. I really adore the addition to the gold on the bridge of the nose in this pair. I didn’t think I would like this style of glasses but it really does do something for me. I am pretty sure these were the first pair of Raybans I ever tried on and my love for them has never faded.

If you feel like sunglasses are something you cannot get excited about because you find it hard to find prescription sunglasses, I hope this makes you realise that you can indeed indulge in a pair of Raybans this summer with the best of them.




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