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Five movies to get you into the Halloween spirit | Halloween 2018

31st October 2018 by naffy

Winter films Now I am not someone who makes a big deal about Halloween. I literally spent this weekend in my room. I do however like films so I thought I would share five movies to get you in to the halloween spirit this evening.


I remember watching this in school as a way to understand the nuances in writing horror stories. At first I was worried I would not like it but I actually ended up really liking it. It is a horror film set in the seventies, following a serial killer but I would actually class it a horror thriller. There was very little blood and gore that we see in todays horror films which makes a good alternative if you a scary film but without too many jump up scared moments.


This is a upfliting film with a bit of a supernatural twist. It follows a young girl who is living with an adopted family. She is different to her family. She loved books, they preferred American game shows. Her father will rip people off for money, she could not think of anything worse. Matilda also realises she has certain magical abilities and she tries to use them to help those around her.


I reckon most of you reading this will have watched the film Caspar the friendly ghost. A young girl moves in to a haunted house and be friends Caspar the friendly ghost. It is a halloween twist on the teenage coming of age story.

Practical Relationship

I remember when I first watched this film. My dad was watching it and I ended up missing the beginning so when I came in the room I initially thought it was a bit strange. I ended up being hooked and watching it the whole way through. It follows two sisters Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman who are witches under a curse. They are unable to fall in love and they try to break this in order to proceed with relationships. There are close eye worthy moments but the film centres more around family, relationships.

Buffy the vampire slayer

I mean you cannot let Halloween go past without watching the original vampire film. If you watched the Joss Whedon show, you will know the premise of the film. It follows Buffy a girl who recently moved to Sunnydale to discover she was the chosen one. It was now her duty to become the next in a line of vampire slayers. Problem is, she didn’t sign up to this. She has enough on her plate with moving to a new town and school.

If you cannot tell, I am not the biggest fan of bloody gory halloween horror films at all but I do like the supernatural and that is what Halloween is all about right?


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