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Five Podcasts to sink your teeth into.

8th April 2019 by naffy

Podcasts to listen too Podcasts to listen too Podcasts to listen too It’s been a while since I have shared the podcasts I’ve been loving on the blog so I thought I would sit down and break down five podcasts I have been sinking my teeth into lately.

On the line with Estee Lalonde

Having discovered On the line with Estee Lalonde a while ago, I went back and rediscovered my love for the show. Estee features different experts and specialists on her show and the reason it is called on the line is that the second half of the show includes listeners who phone in with questions for the guest and Estee. The topics covered on the podcast are everything from Skincare to Reiki and Friendship.

The Sunday Salon

This is a show which features some of my favourite writers of the moment such as Holly Bourne and Daisy Buchanan. I find people especially creative people and their lives to be incredibly interesting. It is hosted by the lovely Alice Azania Jarvis who is a known Journalist herself. The conversation flows very naturally and always goes in a direction traditional interviews do not.

Lip Roll 

I have only listened to one episode of Lip Roll but it gave an insight into the world of acting and the audition process. The people featured on the show are not necessarily promoting anything but are there just to have a chat. The one I listened too was with Sarah Drew who recently left Greys Anatomy. In the show she talks about the difficulty of finding new projects after leaving such an integral show, being a mother and juggling everything which life can throw at you.

On Purpose with Jay Shetty 

If you like learning about meditation, life with intention and in general being the best version of yourself. This show is for you. Jay Shetty is all about the positive vibes, talking about learning from past mistakes and often features incredible guests. All his conversations are deep and insightful, allowing you to open up your mind. I would highly recommend the episodes with Russel Brand, Lily Singh and Danielle Monet.

The Guardian’s Audio Long Reads 

If like me, you have a bookmarked list of articles ready to read this show makes it easier for you. It is essentially a series of shows featuring some of the articles published by The Guardian which mean you can walk and read (well technically listen) allowing you to keep up with those articles. Think of it as an audiobook but for newspapers.

Which podcasts have been tickling your fancy lately? Let me know!


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