Five People To Follow on Snapchat – Beauty Edition

27th May 2016 by naffy

Snapchat If you read my last post on snapchat, you will know I have a obsession with the app. Finding people on the app can be quite hard so I thought I would share with you Five people to follow on snapchat if you like all things beauty and fashion.

Nishi MUA
If you love vibrant colours, different make up looks and general chit chat about make up Nish is your girl to follow. She snaps everything from unboxing to make up looks. She is hilarious and you will fall in love with her.

Lisa Potter Dixon
Lisa is the head brow expert and make up expert at Benefit Cosmetics. If you follow the brand on Twitter, you will no doubt know how she is. Lisa posts all the backstage secrets from Benefit and shoots she is on during the day. Aside from that Lisa is just a bit of a babe and her positive energy will brighten up your day.

Tati Westbrook
Tati aka Glam Life Guru is one of my go to for the latest in beauty. Tati tests and tries out pretty much every single item of make up you could possibly want. In her snaps she shares parts of her life with her dog and fiance while giving us the low down on her current make up favourites and incredible eye looks.

Buy Now Blog Later
The original blogger. If you love clear cut quick beauty reviews I would definitely give her follow. Based in Dubai, her beauty reviews include luxury products with some stunningly dreamy backdrop.

Alessandra Steiner
Alessandra is the beauty editor for Glamour Magazine and is an absolute beauty junkie. Due to the nature of her job she has access to the latest products to trial and test and her snaps take you through this while sharing her initial thoughts on the products. I find this such  great way to get sneak peak in to launches while discovering new brands which I may not have been aware off previously.

If you were looking for some beauty inspiration I hope this helped you find some fellow beauty obsessives.

Who do you follow on snapchat? I would love to know send me snap with some of your recommendations.

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