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Five Organisation Tips

8th January 2017 by naffy

Organisation Tips As the year is getting underway, I thought I would share with you five organisation tips, I am taking with me in to the new year.

Start your version of a Bullet Journal. 

If you have not herd about a bullet journal and what they are all about, you can find out everything about it here but it is honestly a great way to keep on track. It is a good way to keep your goals in sight and make sure you are achieving what you set out to do. This can be anything from budgets to meal planning.

Sunday night planning 

It may seen like a bit of a faff but taking the time to sit back on a Sunday evening to plan the week head will do wonders if you are busy and find yourself in a muddle during the week. I have a special announcement in this week’s video and this is something I will be doing to help with meal prepping especially.

Keep Two Diaries

Sounds crazy but I have two diaries/ planners. Both are in the video I have posted this week. The smaller one I use to carry around with me in my hand bag and use it to schedule appointments and meetings. The second one is the one I use to plan out the entire day. This is where I write down my to do lists and list of what I achieve this day.

Using Quip

I have spoken about this before but the app quip is one of my favourite ways to keep an to do list while I am on the go. You can check list as you go on which is satisfying. A lot of the other other apps do not have this feature which takes the fun out of them and is one of the reasons why I stuck to paper to do this. Quip App links to your laptop and syncs to your phone so it is very go to in-between both of them.

If you want to see the pieces I will be using to stay organised in 2017 make sure you take a look at this weeks video were I share my go to planners and folders.

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