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Five New Podcasts to Listen to

25th November 2016 by naffy

Podcast to listen too It has been a while since I have given you a run down of my favourites podcasts and I thought as I am currently on a train to London no doubt listening to said podcasts, I would share with you five new podcasts to listen to.

Lower your Expectations with Marcus Butler and Matt Viney

I am sure Marcus Butler needs no introduction but if you are not sure who he is, Marcus is a Content Creator and one of his newest projects is this podcast. He talks about what it is like being a Youtube Content Creator along with Matt Viney who is that guy see in his videos who works behind the scenes. The first episode aired this week and it was hilarious! If you want an inside look at a youtube content creators life with a splash of humour.

Banging Book Club with Hannah Witton, Lucy and Leena.

I love reading but I also enjoy talking and discussion books. It is part of the reason I did A level English Literature. That discussion and banter is exactly what I get when listening to the Banging Book Club podcast. I wish this was live or I was there while they were recording because I always end up wanting to join in and add my thoughts to their discussion. The discussions are not half hearted  conversations either, they are in fact the opposite and are open, genuine and honest.

The Beauty Podcast with Emma Gunavardhana

I discovered  Emma’s podcast after hearing Sali Hughes was making a guest appearance on her podcast. I did not set out to subscribe to Emma but after listening to a couple of episodes I am so glad I did. She recently interviewed Michelle Heaton which was one of the most interesting inspiring  interviews I have listened too in a while. Emma has a background in magazine journalism and her podcasts usually include a couple of antidotes of her experience and she gives you a true inside of what it came be like to work in traditional media.

Get it On with Dawn O Porter

I am not the most fashion conscious person in the world but I know exactly what a good outfit can do for a girls self esteem. I also really love Dawn O Porter and everything she encompasses. Her podcast features tales with other famous people such as the wonderful Dermot O Leary. Under the premise of fashion she discusses everything from confidence, fashion tips and politics and helping others. Each one I have listened too has been full of inspiration and leaves me with a feeling of hope in this world and what it has to offer.

Have you been listening to any of these five podcasts? do you have any podcast recommendations? let me know in the comments or over on Twitter.

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