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29th August 2018 by naffy


Sisters There are no words to describe what it feels like to be a big sister. You feel all the feels pretty much all the time. My sister is quite literally my right arm and my best friend. Even though I am the older sibling I would be lost without her. And while I am sure she would not agree, she has taught me a lot about myself and being a big sister which I wanted to share with you.


You learn to be patient as a big sister. As the older one you have to keep your cool in situations and let some things slide. You learn to not hold grudges after an argument or an outburst which is actually really nice and makes you stronger.

You do not have to be perfect 

I use to think I needed to be as close to perfect as I could be so I can be a good example to my sister. I quickly realised that was not the case. In fact that would hinder the relationship we have now. The key is to be the best version of yourself and show I have not always had it together.

It is a different kind of love 

The love you have for your sister is like the love you would have for your child. It is very different to any other kind of love you experience. You may have had an argument a minute ago but if something makes them cry you will instantly be by their side. My sister for example would play pranks on me or frustrate me in some way or another and even though I would get mad, I could never stay mad or upset for long and within an hour would be talking to her as if nothing happen and just forget about it. You also become incredibly protective over them too – I am not someone who gets angry easily but if someone harms or hurts my sister I will be seething and become a little irrational.

The art of communication 

Being siblings give you a genetic bond but the human bond still needs nourishing just like any other relationship you have. We are told repeatedly, the key to any type of relationship has to be communication which is something I have learnt throughout the years of being a sister.

Letting your sibling live their own life

There will be times you want to protect your sister and stop them from making mistakes either you have made or your friends have made but you have to remind yourself one – those mistakes helped shape the person you are today in the same way their mistakes will help shape them and two – they cannot go through life without going through the blips life can bring. There is only so much of the world you can shield them from. What you can do is support them and offer them advice when they need and be there for them.

Being a big sister is a learning process and you learn a lot about yourself through the experience. You also learn a lot from your sibling which we can often forget. I know I have learnt a lot from my sister as I am sure you all have too.

Are you an elder sibling? How have you found the experience?

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