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9th August 2019 by naffy

Journalists to follow on twitter If you are on Twitter, it can be hard to figure out out the noise from actual useful and insightful chatter which is why I thought I would steer you in the direction of the below five journalists. Be it films, general life or finding out what is going on across the world the below journalists are reliable sources of information whom you can converse with should you have any questions or want to know more about the topics they are discussing.

Mehdi Hassan

I have been following Mehdi Hassan and his work for a very long time now. I am always in awe of the way in which he articulates himself.  He is a British columnist, he hosts the deconstructed podcast for The intercept and he is a presenter for Al Jazeera English. After Trump was elected, he moved to DC  and gives his insights into American politics. His unique perspective is interesting and always thought-provoking.  His interviews with everyone from Riz Ahmed to Rashida Talib on all things politics and race always delve into what they truly feel about the world as we sit it.

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Noor Tagouri

An investigative journalist, one of the most fascinating pieces of work from Noor Tagouri I have come across has to be her series Sold In America. It was a series in which she explored sex trade within the US.  I studied sex trafficking as part of my degree and the way she ventured into some pretty harrowing situations and was able to have some pretty difficult conversations was extraordinary.

She is currently presenting the third season of the Barneys podcast and you see how truly great she is at listening and taking in her interviewee’s stories so she can share them with the world. Through her own determination, she really is taking the podcast in a new direction than the previous two seasons and I for one cannot wait for more.

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Elizabeth Day

I mean I adore how this lady writes. She discusses everything from failing in your twenties to producing a podcast called how to fail where she interviews people going through failures they feel they have experienced getting really deep into their lives. She has a column with You Magazine in which she talks about everything from egg freezing, Love Island and why she isn’t a fan of summer.

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Terri White

The film queen and all-around amazing person Terri White is one of my favourite people on the internet. She is insightful, creates conversation yet doesn’t take herself too seriously which I adore. If you like film news and film chat in general, along with an insight into the misogynistic world we live in, Terri is your girl to follow.

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Nikesh Shukla

Writer/ Author Nikesh Shukla is most known for his books such as Warrior and The Good Immigrant to name a few but he also writes opinion pieces for The Guardian and other publications. Each piece is insightful, thoughtful and manages to add bits of humour in some cases too. He isn’t afraid to delve deep into topics such as racism and calls things out when he needs too.

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