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Five Instagram Accounts to get you in the holiday Mood | Life

19th June 2017 by naffy

Instagram accounts to follow Amelia Liana With summer in full swing it is hard to not think about vacation and having fun in the sun. Whether you are staying in the UK or looking to escape somewhere, Instagram is the perfect place to get inspiration. From fitness retreats, staycations to European trips, these five Instagram accounts has it all.

Amelia Liana

If you follow Amelia Liana, you will know she is the jet setting queen. From small parts of France to Russia, She has seen it all. Her feed is full of beautiful images are backed up with site recommendations, delicious looking places to visit and more.

Zanna Van Dijk

I have been toying with the idea of going on a relaxing fitness retreat for a while now and someone who has inspired me to do this though her Instagram feed is Zanna Van Dijk. After struggling with food for years I am all about the balanced life and Zanna’s Thailand retreat looks like the perfect way to do this.

Reem Kanj

I have followed Reem for as long as I can remember. She filters her time between Dubai and the UK. I know a lot of people who plan holidays to Dubai and I always tell them to flick through Reem’s gram and blog to get some inspiration on what they can do.


Having fun in the sun doesn’t have to be a plan ride away. While Niomi does visit places such as Lisbon and Paris I often save the places she visits in the UK. I love the restaurant recommendations around London – many of which I plan to visit now I have made the move to the city. Another thing I love is Niomi’s love for the country side. She has taken a few weekend trips away which when I have looked in to them are something I can see myself doing. If you are having to work during the summer but have a weekend free there is plenty of inspiration here.

Wish Wish Wish

Carrie is someone who I can always rely on for travel inspiration. Either through her beautiful pictures or her recommendations on her blog. My feelings of Wanderlust grows deeper everytime I take a look at her feed.

If you know me, you will know I always have a feeling of wanderlust and while I am not in a position to travel the world right now, I know this helps those of you who are.


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