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Five Apps Every Student Needs

2nd September 2016 by naffy

Crowne Plaza London So it may have been a while since I was a student and it is safe to say, there have been a surge in apps since I have worn my cap and gown. From calendars to games, there literally is an app for almost everything. With that in mind. I wanted to share with you Five Apps Every Students Needs.


If you are in the UK, you are lucky enough to have access to the National Health Service. Going to university in a new city or town means you don’t know where all the health clinics are. The NHS Go app shows you everything from the nearest sexual heath clinic to the closest Accident and Emergency department. I do hope none of you will need to find your nearest A&E but downloading the app ensures you have access to everything you need should that happen to you.

Calendars by Readdle 

This is an app I only recently discovered but has proved so useful. Calendars automatically syncs all my calendars on one handy app. If an appointment appears via email it will automatically imput it on to the calendar on my phone. University should be full of assignments, parties, fun society events and with that comes the need for organisation. This has become my absolute favourite organisational hack recently and I wish I discovered it sooner.



I mean this is absolute given. You will never get the time to binge watch Netflix as much as you do as a student. MAKE THE MOST OF IT WHILE YOU CAN.

Whats App Web

This is more of an add on for the app but if you have a group chat about a project going on and you are doing work while discussing the project, you can go to the Whats App website, put in your number and your whats app chats appear. You can chat via the internet on your laptop to all your whats app contacts. Trust me, it seems silly but it makes a difference. Trust me.


We all know cooking for one is not always be motivating but it is important to look after yourself and make sure you are eating well and looking after yourself. Quipup is a lot like deliveroo in that it is an app which will pick up your food for you based on your postcode. You can use it online or use the app on your phone. It is convenient and very easy to use.

Are you a student? Which Five Apps do you think a student needs? Will you be downloading any of the above? let me know.


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