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23rd July 2019 by naffy

Fifteen Minutes We often feel like we are running out there. Like we blink and the day is over. I was doing an online course on productivity and it got me thinking about time management. I often think I need more hours in the day but I realised while we may not always have big chunks of time to do the tasks which we need to do but there are a small burst of fifteen minutes which we can grab here and there which allow us to get things done.

Read a couple of chapters of a book

I always carry a book in my backpack because while I cannot always carve out time to spend an hour reading I can find 15 minutes on my lunch break or use my commute to get stuck into my latest read. You also never know when you end up in a queue for something or another giving you some time to make use of the time.

Come up with some blogpost ideas

When I have a small slice of time I will use it to jot down some blogpost ideas or do some research for a blogpost. Sometimes it takes longer than others but those fifteen minutes are as good as any to at least get the ball rolling and unlike writing a blogpost when it can be hard to start and stop once you’re in the zone, this part of the process is easier to do in chunks of smaller time.

Take an Instagram picture

I like being creative with my Instagram pictures but I am also not that precious with them. By this I mean I use my phone and that is pretty much it. So if I have some time (on my lunch break usually) I will take some pictures or write out a story I want to share later on.

Go for a walk

If I have been cooped up in the house or office and need to rejuvenate myself I love nothing more than going for a quick walk to perk myself up.


I either have emails to go through or emails to send and snatching 15 minutes when I do just this makes me feel productive. I usually save this for towards the end of the day before I wind down and it oddly makes me happy.

Call a loved one

Whenever I can grab a couple of minutes I will call either my parents or a friend. It is usually on my lunch break, walking to and from work or when I am out about grocery shopping (I usually do this with my dad and I genuinely miss it)

Plan your day/ week

This is something I don’t snatch time for but actively carve out time for every day and that is to write a todo list for everything I need to do that day. It usually takes less than 15 minutes but it makes the biggest difference as it allows me to do the other things on this list.

Do an online course

Most online courses are in short burst videos which is useful on days when you are in and out of the house but manage to grab 15 minutes to do something before heading back out the door again. I also find starting an online course can be daunting so breaking it down into small presentation chunks can make a big difference.

Declutter your junk drawer

We all have that one junk drawer, you know the one we just dump stuff in. Use those 15 minutes to go through it and give it a good clear out. You will be surprised at what you find – hopefully in a good way!

Write three pitches

Depending on your job, you can use those 15 minutes to send out some pitches. I work in PR and outreach is a big part of what I do so I know the value of this. If you are a freelancer you can send at least 2 minutes in 15 minutes. Imagine the opportunities it can bring you.

Be Present 

Sometimes, the best thing you do is just be still and present for those moments. It may not sound as productive as some of the other things on the list but in my experience, it can be one of the most productive you do with your time.

Prepare for a meeting 

Not every meeting requires a full-on planning session but it always good to be prepared. Spend those extra minutes ahead of the meeting, jotting down some notes beforehand. It will help you feel more prepared and in turn more confident when you make your points.

Watch a youtube video 

When you have a couple of minutes on hand watching a video on youtube can be a way to relax and get inspired all at once. I particularly like watching interviews with my favorite creators. A lot of the videos inspiring are usually around 15 – 2o minutes. My favorites are usually on the Build Series London channel as I like the variety of people the interview and the style of the presenters. Sort out your finances

Odd Chores 

Odd chores are good to do when you don’t want to use up too much brain space but still allows you to be active which is refreshing if you’re usually in the office.

And there you have it, be it something fun or something more along the lines of work, there are many things we could be doing with those 15 minutes we stumble across from time to time.

So here is my question to you. What do you do in 15 minutes?

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