Fashion Friday – These boots are made for walking.

18th January 2013 by naffy

Hi everyone, for my first fashion friday post, I wanted to show you all some pair of amazing boots* I received from daisy street. If you haven’t herd of them before daisy street is an online store that sell incredible clothes, shoes and jewellery. I was lucky enough to be invited to a event for them in December and they were really lovely.

Winter generally gets me excited, I’ve mentioned it before but I love winter clothes from warm jumpers to cosy cosy coats. I also get excited to buy boots. These ones which you can find here* are one of my favourites. (They are on sale right now too – bonus!) I genuinely really like Daisystreet and will be buying from them a lot no doubt.

The boots are so easy to walk in, the design is on point too. It is right up to fashion and my style of design. I love the buckles and the studded detailing on them. They have a tiny heel which I love as I am quite short. I can’t really walk in big heels too so this means I can still add a little height while rushing around doing errands and things.

I love how versatile these are too. You can wear them with so many different outfits (which is what I look for in a boot) I wear these with both jeans and leggings and they go great with both.

Boots are a winter fashion essential and I cannot fault these ones bit.

What boots are you buys walking in right now?

Lots of love