Fashion Friday – Heels, Heels, Heels.

17th May 2013 by naffy

Happy friday wonderfuls. I hope you are all looking forward to the weekend. Wedding season is coming up which means lots of lovely evenings filled with food, good friends and of course wonderful clothes.

With this in mind, with nice clothes come nice shoes. In particular heels. Now I love heels. I really do BUT I can be a bit awkward walking in them. I tend to not wear them on a daily basis because I am always in a hurry and they would just get ruined. This means when it comes to investing in them I have to be a bit thrifty.

Anyway, before I get carried away I love heels. They are pretty and look elegant. A girl should have at least one pair of heels in her shoe collection. I make sure I have a couple of staple heels that I can re use.

One of my absolute favourites is this gold pair which I got a couple of years ago from a shop in Birmingham. (Sorry I can’t remember the name) They were on sale so I got them for about £20 which was a bargain.

The back strap makes them comfy to walk in the open toes means your toes can breathe which isn’t the case with most heels.

It is good to have a glitzy staple like this in either gold or silver for big occasions especially if you don’t wear heels too often. It jazzes up an outfit and isn’t restricted to one outfit!

Another staple has to be a pair of black heels. Great for meetings, office jobs, sophisticated meals basically anywhere. You can dress up a pair of jeans and a nice top if you are going to a semi casual meal but want to look good or wanting to impress at the interview.

The key for this is in my opinion is to make sure you can walk in them. Test them out break them in if you have too. Nothing looks more sloppy than walking in to a interview or a room full of people looking like you are about to fall over.

These are my favourites, I think I got them from Wynsors for about £10. They are comfy on my toes with a mid length heel which means I can walk in them.

Black heels are out there in their hundreds. Take your time to find one that suits you.

I will be doing another post on other heels I have but for now I am going to leave this here as this post has gotten a bit long and I don’t want to bore you!

What are your favourite pair of heels?
Let me know

Lots of love

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