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Everything I know about Love by Dolly Alderton| Book Review

25th April 2018 by naffy

Everything I know about Love Everything I know about Love If you follow me on my social channels, or an in real life friend, you would have heard me rave about a little wee book called Everything I know about Love by Dolly Alderton so I thought it was about time to rave about it here.

Everything I know about love is written by journalist and podcaster Dolly Alderton. It is a memoir which on the surface appears to be about relationships but in reality is about Dolly’s Journey to self love.

Starting from her young teens Dolly opens up about how she grew up not feeling enough, always feeling like something was wrong or missing. Something I definitely resonated with. I am a people pleaser by nature and never felt anything I did was good enough and I am being honest, something I struggle with today.

A part of the book which I feel needs to highlighted more is the way Dolly writes about her battle with mental health. She opens up about her troubles with eating disorders – something which I have struggled with in the past and I cried a little as she was explaining her thoughts during this time.

She also talks about the benefits of having a therapists and was very open about her experience with therapy – in particular her relationship with her therapist. If you are even considering therapy – I would highly recommend reading Dolly’s account of her journey. I read a lot about therapy and I don’t think I have read a more raw and honest account about someone elses experience. Having done a small bout of therapy it was something could completely understand the journey she goes through. She holds nothing back and made me make strides to find a therapist I can afford and work with to improve my own mental health.

A big part of the book is friendship and how it can change dramatically during your twenties. Everyone is on their own path and one moment you and your friends can be all on the same straight line and the next day there can be twenty different lines as everything moves in different directions. It can be hard to adapt too especially if you personally feel stagnant. You can find being best friends with someone during your teenagers  to be easy yet face huge stumbling blocks during your twenties – something Dolly experiences with her best friend Farly.

A big part of the reason why I love the book so much is because although there were a lot of things I could resonate with. Dolly does a great job in making you feel you are living every moment she talks about with her.

Dolly’s writing is some of the best I have had the fortunate to read so to have a book full of pages with her eloquent words is an absolute treat.  If there is one book that will make you realise 1 – You are not alone 2 – You will be ok everything will fall into place. 3 – Being happy within yourself is the most important thing you can do this is it. I have spent a lot of my twenties feeling alone, lost and out of place and while I  am in a better in place, it is nice to know it is more normal to feel like this than I realised at the time.

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