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18th February 2012 by naffy

I started this post in the words of the brilliant Tony Blair. I recently read a article about Religious Education in schools (RE). 115 MP’s are apparently behind it being a priority in schools. This is something which is good yet  i still feel that more MP’s should be behind it.

The reason being is that i am a great believer in the idea that educating people is a good way to reduce a lot of the issues we have within society. Racism being one of them. I was brought up with the idea that we are all human. My parents don’t look down or up at anyone simply based on their religion and taught me to do the same. Even to this day i am not allowed to say ‘white’ or ‘black’ in derogatory manner (not that i would) but i know this does not happen everywhere.

One of the reasons why i feel RE would be good and help people understand different backgrounds and cultures is simple. We live in a multicultural society yet we live segregated. There are certain areas where members of the Jewish or Muslim community live in the town. This is natural as people like being near what they find familiar. This also means however that they are unaware of the cultures and religions out there. The only things which they do know are the stereotypes. They may not even meet someone from a different background till they are at university. Religious Education if done properly and involves all the religions out there can bridge the gap and help people understand and therefore be more acceptable towards people who are different to them. It helps to reduce stereotypes and allows for people to talk nicely. I’m not naive, i am aware it is not the be and end all but if Religious Education was conducted properly it could definitely reduce it.

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