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The Eco Friendly Way To Remove Your Make Up| Review

29th March 2018 by naffy

vegan beauty products magnitone wipe out I hard heard a few people talking about the Magnitone London Wipe Out cleansing cloth  as a new way to remove your make up, so when I came across it at the Glamour Beauty festival Feel Unique Pick and Mix, I knew I had to pick it up and test it out.

The Magnitone London Wipe Out cleansing cloth looks like a regular micro fibre cloth from the outside but the difference is you do not need to use  cleanser with it to take your make up off. Yes, that is right, it takes your make up off using just water.

Don’t get my wrong, I was rather sceptical at first too but after trying it out for a couple of weeks I have to say it really does work. I have used it against some of my toughest liquid lipsticks to test it out to the maximum capacity and it really did remove it all completely.

The way you use it is simply dampen it using warm water then remove all the make up on your face and watch the magic literally unfold.

Do not get me wrong, there is a bit of tugging involved and I would advise using a lip balm at the end of your skincare routine but aside from that, this really does the trick. My skin feels as good as it before I started using it.

I also like the fact, it helps save waste and money. As its s washable, it means I do not have to worry about the waste from  cotton pads anymore.

I will also say, yes this takes make up off completely but I still go in with active cleanser the way I would with a second cleanse. Something like the Oskia Renaissance cleansing Gel.

You know when you come across a product which you don’t think you will get along with but end up enjoying and tell everyone about? That is exactly what happened with the Magnitone London Wipe Out cleansing cloth.


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