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14th March 2019 by naffy

Being Grateful If you follow any form of wellness trends, you would have come across the idea of a gratitude journal. Chances are if you are like me, you may have been sceptical about how much it would work or just shake your head and thought it was a bit of a millennial fluff and I get it. But today, I wanted to share with you after months of practising this gratitude, there is substance to this presumed madness.

So what does practising gratitude mean? It is when you take five minutes out of your day to write down three things you are grateful for. You can do this on your phone, in a notebook or record voice notes capturing those thoughts. I came across Rupy from The Doctors Kitchen who shared three things he is grateful in video form on his Instagram stories and it made me relook at practising gratitude in some form myself.

Why? I knew I wanted to do something similar mainly just because I found it comforting to read at the end of my day and wanted to practise it myself but also envoke the same comfort for others. I knew it would help me keep perspective on days when I was feeling dangerously low if nothing else. So I decided the best way in which to do this was on the gram via Instagram stories. Each day I would share three things I am grateful for today and end the post by asking others what they are grateful for.

After doing it consistently for a while, I was told by people who I know in real life, how much they appreciate it and how much they value seeing it on their feed. My housemate regularly tells me she looks forward to reading them which I wont lie, makes me incredibly happy.

When I started my version of a gratitude journal,  I wasn’t sure how the exercise would help me in my mind in everyday life.It wasn’t until last month during a conversation with a friend I realised the impact it had on me and the way in which situations affect me. There have been a lot of things recently in which I had the potential to breakdown and let it affect the way I feel for days to come. Instead, I have found myself flipping the situation on its head, accepting what has happened and move forward a lot more quickly than I could have imagined. A small example would be my laptop charger just stopped working. If you know anything about laptop chargers, they are not the cheapest to replace and I am not in a position where have disposable income to just hand cash over places willy nilly. After the initial oh god moment, I did what I needed to do I ordered one which didn’t break the bank and prayed it would be the right one. Turns out it wasn’t the right charger. I fiddled around with my old charger to see if it would work. Thankfully it did but the point is, my thought process went from what a waste the money to thank goodness I have a charger which works. or when friends come to me about their day, I can offer a different brighter perspective on the situation fairly quickly. In short, the gratitude I have poured into my journal has infiltrated into my subconscious and in turn the conversation I have in real life.

So does practising gratitude work?  In short yes. I am not saying practising gratitude was a big game changer but it doesn’t claim to be. I have always been a positive person but doing this exercise has kept the darkness and pessimism which has impacted my twenties at bay. Life isn’t easy and there are times where I have crept through a bad hole and not wanted to worm my way out. Yes, those days still try to rear there ugly heads but along with other tricks, writing down the three things I am grateful for today, really does help turing these days in to weeks.

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