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Diptyque Eau De Parfum Collection Set | Review

20th March 2018 by naffy

Luxury Perfume Diptyque Perfume review Diptyque Perfume Diptyque Perfume review You know when you come across a brand you have wanted to try but not sure where to start? That is how I have felt about Diptyque in the past. I started off by trying out their candles and fell in love. I recently attended a book event and as part of the goodie bag, received this little gift set of a selection of Diptyque perfume and honestly, was really excited to give a couple of scents ago.

The set contains four of the perfumes and is presented in this cute little box. I know the packaging is a small part of the product in the grand scheme of things, however, I will say this adds to the classiness and sophistication you would expect from a brand like Diptyque and would be a great addition to a gift for someone who loves perfume but has yet to delve in to the brand.

The first scent from the box is Benjoin Boheme and has hints of both Rose and Patchouli in it. I do not usually go for scents which are overly floral but there is something comforting about this scent. It reminds me of a scent my mother use to wear which I like.

On the woody side of things, we have Kimonanthe. Infused with Osmanthus flowers and Sandalwood I have to say this particular scent is not my favourite. It is a bit lighter in scent compared to Benjoin Boheme but very powerful and packs a punch. There is a sweetness in it which I think is a bit too sickly for me but if you like sweet scents, this is one to look into.

Opone is potentially my favourite from the bunch. If you are someone who adores Arab scents or Oud scents, you will like this one. infused with African Spice Route and Black Pepper it has a spicy element to it. I like how subtle but effective it is. I am quite petite so I am a bit weary of overpowering scents as they can end up wearing me rather than me wearing it and this is a a great medium.

Another favourite from the collection set is Eau Mage. I discovered my go to scents have hints of amber in them and Eau Mage is infused with amber accents which I adore. Again it is not too overpowering which I adore and is a great daytime option.

All four scents have something unique to give and I while I do like all of them. I do have a couple of favourites and if I had to pick one to purchase full size, it would be Opne. You can really tell the luxury quality of Diptyue when you apply them. All their perfumes remind me the quality I see in Arab perfumery. Rich, textured and flavourful.  They originally apply quite strong but it does settle down after a couple of minutes and leaves a nice lingering scent the rest of the day.

If you haven’t tried the brand yet, a collection set like this is a great way to discover the brand and see which scents work for you.

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