Covert Affairs

7th December 2012 by naffy

This is one of my favourite shows to watch at the moment without a doubt. I really like crime shows like CSI, Law and Order and Criminal Minds so I was excited to watch this featuring the lovely Piper Perabo.

It is in it’s second or third season on really and it is centres around a woman called Annie and the unit she works for in the CIA. It shows the effect being a spy has on their lives and how they kick butt trying to save the world and the missions which they go on.

The cases lead the unit all across the world doing under cover work as well as the pressure to solve the cases by a certain time.

There are story lines to do with relationships too with families, friends, co – workers and partners and how this plays out in the life of someone who has to basically keep their job a huge secret from 99% of the people they know.

It is slightly glamorous (Piper Perabo wears some fantastic clothes) but if you like any of the shows I mentioned above you will definitely love this.

If you haven’t seen this yet here is a preview of the show.

  • 10th December 2012 / Reply

    You'll maybe like Rizzoli & Isles too, I read the books it was based on so got in to the show that way. Watched all three series whilst I'm on study leave – oops! It's really good though :) Will give that show a look too! xxx

  • 10th December 2012 / Reply

    Oh, I have not herd of it will definately give it a look 😀 thank you for letting me know about it. Good luck with your exams xxx