Being an Adult

Five signs you’re an adult

Turning 25 means I can no longer deny I am an adult. It is official and in black and white for all to see. After a recent conversation...
DIY Wood Backdrop

DIY Wood Tray Photo Backdrop

One thing I like to change up is the background of my blog pictures. I really feel like they make a difference to a post....
TouringSalamanca (1)

New Video | January Favourites

  This week January comes to an end and with that I decided to film my January Favourites. I was not sure if I was going to...
Covent Garden

The Sunday Post – Five Things #4

This weeks Five Things #4 is rather special. A lot happened as it was my birthday and it was a busy week at work.
The Bucket List

The Bucket List

Yesterday I turned twenty five and usually this led me to do some thinking about my life and the path I was on. Looking back, I never imagined...