Amazon Boxsets

The Amazon Boxsets you need to watch| Film

I love a good boxset so I thought I would share some of the Amazon boxsets I have on watchlist at the moment.
Second hand shopping

Shopping with a conscious | Lifestyle

Full disclaimer, yes my wardrobe does still contain pieces from fast fashion outlets, however, over the past year, I have been more mindful about my purchases and only...
Friendship as an introvert

Four ways to make friends as an introvert

As an introvert, people assume you don’t want to make friends. But that isn’t true. Speaking from experience, introverts are still humans and still have a need to...
nineties tv shows

The nineties TV shows you need to watch

Ah the nineties, before the wonders of subscription services and you had to manually record TV shows on VHS if you were going to miss it live.
Positive Energy

Creating a positive mindset |Lifestyle

Creating a positive mindset is all well and good when you’re in a good headspace but what about those times when you need it the most? I like...
Journalists to follow on twitter

Five Journalists to follow on social media | Lifestyle

If you are on Twitter, it can be hard to figure out out the noise from actual useful and insightful chatter which is why I thought I would...