Glam Clam Collection

Spectrum Brushes: The Glam Clam Collection | Review

I love discovering new make up brushes so I was excited to to try out the Glam Clam Collection from Spectrum Brushes*
Nafisah Atcha

The things social media doesn’t show you | Life

  So I realised that as much as I love to tweet about my love for Love Island or dismay at certain world events, I tend to be...
Missguided babe power

Misguided – All about the Babe Power | Review

When misguided first launched their Babe Power fragrance line I didn’t know what to expect – at first glance, it seems a bit left field...
Life after graduation

The Summer Skirts Wish List | Fashion

With the warm weather looking like it is here to stay. I have had my eye on a couple of summer skirts to help...
Love island

In Defence of ‘Trashy TV’ | Life

With Love Island back on the scene on this week and I have seen many people on twitter split into two camps. Those who love it and those...
OGX Shampoo review

OGX Argan and Morocco Shampoo and Conditioner | Review

In my quest to finish the travel size shampoo and conditioners I have in my collection, I opted to try the OGX Argan and Morocco Shampoo...