Budget Make Up Brushes

Review | Eco Tools Bamboo six piece brush set

It had been a while since I tried a new brush brand so when I reicieved the  Eco Tools Bamboo six piece brush set for my birthday I was excited to give...

Make Up Monday | Treating your skin

I speak a lot about my love for beauty on this blog. From my favourite products to tips and tricks but another love of mine which is mentioned...
Five Things

The Sunday Post | Five Things #7

Another week as week gone and with that I can around up the Five Things #7 that have made my week.
How I apply Liquid Lipsticks

New Video | How I Apply Liquid Lipstick

This week, I wanted to do something a little bit different and share with you how I apply Liquid Lipstick. For me personally, I know when I first...

Five Things to watch on Netflix

Let us face it, we are all a bit addicted to Netflix . If you’re anything like me, you will watch it more than regular TV. I have recently...
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Wednesday Ramblings | Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

One in a while book come out and each works speak not only to you but to your heart and that is exactly what happened when I opened...