The Wellness Practices I am bringing into 2019| Life

I am not someone who generally harps on about trends be it in fashion, beauty or books. I am off the philosophy of just doing you. When it comes...
mistakes i made in my twenties

What Happened When I Went Predominately Plant Based | Life

If you follow me on my social channels, you will know my diet is 90% plant based and 100% meat free and has been for...
Nafisah Atcha

Five ways to be sustainable in 2019 | Life

I ended 2018 looking more into the world of sustainability. Learning about what this means and how to do it correctly is a process...

Five things to declutter in 2019

To me, 2019 is really the year to declutter. From wardrobes to our minds. Here are five things to declutter in 2019.

18 Life Lessons from 2018

2018 has been a year of lessons, some to do with work some to do with life, all of them personal. Talking to...

You don’t celebrate Christmas, what do you do?

During December, there is one question I get asked quite often as a young muslim women and that is, You don’t celebrate Christmas, what do you do? Do...