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Boots Ingredients Sheet Face Masks | Review

10th May 2017 by naffy

face mask face mask face mask Before I moved to Leeds, a friend of mine introduced me to the Boots Ingredients Sheet Face Masks. Amongst all the chaos from moving it took me a while to sit down and give them a go so it was nice to be able to take the time to sit down and relax on a Sunday evening with a good old face masks.

I have normal to dehydrated skin so the face masks I tend to gravitate towards are full of hydration and radiance ones so the Boots Ingredients – Radiance and Brightening face masks is right up my street.

The first thing I noticed was that the mask was rather fiddly. it had been a while since I have done a sheet face masks so I forgot how difficult it was to place it on the face and keep it there. It was dowsed in the cream which was nice and cooling on the face. Considering I have a small round face it sat quite well on the face. The product helps the mask stays in place.

You have to keep the face mask on for 15 minutes which for me is a quite a long time (I can be a little bit impatient) but I made a cup of tea and stuck on a youtube video on. I do think I took it off  couple of minutes sooner than I should have but it worked out well in the end. You do have to sit still for the 15 minutes as it is hard to move around with the mask on – making it a perfect excuse to sit down and relax.

After you take the mask off, you are left with a little bit of the product on the face which you can rub in to the skin to get the maximum effects of the masks. You are left with a fresh face which is soft to touch and look revitalised.

The other face mask  from the collection was the Boots Ingredients sheet face mask – Hydrating & Nourishing. After the lessons from the first mask, I think I am going to take out some more time next weekend to do this properly.

Would I personally purchase them? I think I have to come to terms with the fact I am not the best person to wear face masks, I much prefer mud masks or masks with a lotion like consistency which I can apply with a sheet to tackle my skin concerns so it may be a while since I pick them up again but if a girlfriend wanted to have a night in with sheet face masks, the Boots Ingredients sheet face mask are ones I would pick up.

There are many face masks within the Boots Ingredients sheet face mask range for a variety of skin concerns and at £2.00 they make a great budget friendly Sunday Treat.



  • Esperanza
    10th May 2017 / Reply

    How funny! I don’t think I would like sheet face masks either. I prefer the traditional clay masks lol :)

  • Emily
    11th May 2017 / Reply

    Face masks are something I’ve recently gotten into. Love them! Will have to try these.

  • Ursula
    16th May 2017 / Reply

    I enjoyed your face mask review…I normally wear these at night as part of my calming routine as much as night time beauty (stress, anxiety, depression) but I would hands down do the moisturize mask for my dry to extra dry face!