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12th November 2018 by naffy

IMG_1275 IMG_1282 I have read a lot of books from inspiring women from a variety of backgrounds. I finished reading them feeling motivated, less alone and ready to tackle my own issues and struggles which is why I wanted to share with you some books written by inspiring women.

Feminists Don’t Wear Pink (and other lies) Edited by Scarlett Curtis

A book full of 52 essays from different women from all walks of life telling their story of what it is like being a woman. From Keira Knightly to Jameela Jamil, trans women, gay women, Feminist don’t wear pink , captures every kind of woman and their real unfiltered experiences. I related to a lot if not every story in it. From period talk to the struggles in the work force and growing up as a young girl, it is all there.

The Guilty Feminist by Deborah Francis White

The word Feminist can seem loaded but what Deborah Francis White has proven through her podcast and now also book, The Guilty Feminist, has proven that it really doesn’t need to be. I think a lot of us has many guilty feminist moments for example, “I am a feminist but I will occasionally ask a man to help me with my suitcase”  The book is filled with anecdotes of Deborah’s life and how it shaped the feminist she is today but also serves as a very good introduction to feminism regardless of what stage of life you are in. There is a brief but well written history of how it has developed over the years, along with interesting facts and statistics sprinkled throughout the book along with interviews from a wide range of women.

Always Smiling  by Georgia Toffolo

Toff is like the best friend I wish I had. She has equal love for both fashion and politics which I adore. The book is a light read, it made me chuckle in places. Toff was part of Made in Chelsea and fortunately comes from a wealthy family which is evident throughout the book. While I cannot relate to the privileged part of her life, what I do relate too is the importance of family and friends within her life. She also talks about the little moments in life, having sleepovers with friends ect which shows how much of a sweetheart she truly is.

Modestly by Dina Torkia

When I first came across Dina and her youtube channel, I thought she was a bit crazy and while I do still think this, I also admire her. I admire her gumption and the fact she is unapologetically herself. As a muslim woman that is not very easy to do. Modestly, enables her to talk about growing up in two different cultures, dealing with eating disorders, fashion and motherhood. It is very rare to hear muslim women discuss these topics with such honesty and it is beautiful to see.

What all these books have in common is each and every single women who have written these books show what it means to be unapologetically themselves. They show women are multifaceted beings and it is about time the world accepts that. To me, that is a beautiful thing. My only regret is that books such as these were not around when I was a fifteen year old muslim girl struggling to express herself.


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