Book Review: McFly unsaid things

29th October 2012 by naffy
For as long as I can remember MCFLY have been one of my favorite bands. It is not just because they are four really attractive men which I am not denying they are. They are also however my favorite band musically. They are not a manufactured boy band by any stretch and if you think this, I challenge you to watch them live and still hold that view. I have only been fortunate to watch them live once on their keep calm and play louder tour and it was THE best show I have been to too date. It even personally beat me seeing You Me At Six. 
They recently brought out their autobiography and even though I knew I would like this I didn’t to like it as much as I did. I literally got this Thursday at Asda around half 10 at night and I finished reading it yesterday. 
The book starts with the story of lead singer Tom Fletcher and explains how McFly came to exist. It goes through their nine year career right up to the present day where they talk about the latest tour they embarked on and what is next in store for the band. 
I was intrigued of course how the band started out. I knew that Tom was the founder of the band so to speak but it was quite interesting to see how they all together. They all come from different backgrounds and what I find rather refreshing is that this didn’t stop them from gelling as a band and becoming best friends. In the world they live in it is quite rare. 
It mentions the arguments they have had of course and the reasons behind them, It pieces together how being young and in the public eye can affect you as a person and impact your life. It also puts to rest rumors some of the biggest being the story behind Harry and Lindsey Lohan and the reason Dougie went in to rehab. 
The book does have some dark bits in it but it ends with a high. It shows how the boys have grown up to be quite respectable and genuinely inspirational lovely men. It shows McFly is far from over and we will be hearing from them for a very long time. 
What I really like is how genuine the book is. I read a lot and my interest in people whether it is a political figure or someone famous who I admire leads me to read autobiographies. This is hands down one of the most genuine (sorry for repeating the word but it is true) books I have read. It is open, honest, you can tell they do not hold back. It could have been quite easy for them to gloss over issues such as mental health but they tell their stories about it without leaving any blanks. 
Unsaid things is simply that…Unsaid things the band have decided to share with us. 
If you liked McFly before, you will no doubt like this but if even if you don’t class yourself as a very hard ‘fan’ I would still tell you to read this. 
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